Aftermath of Withdrawal: Tragedy and Displacement in the Wake of Conflict

A cease-fire and peace agreement finally led to the federal forces’ withdrawal from the region – but it was too late for many, who lost their homes, jobs, support networks, and their loved ones. The long-term impact of the conflict has had an immense and tragic effect on the people of the region. Currently, it is estimated that about 9 million people suffer from a lack of food, with about 3.1 million people displaced, many now in refugee camps. 

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The Refugee Crisis in Ethiopia

The two-year conflict has led to a complex situation, with a large majority of the displaced being women and children with no home, limited access to food and water, and suffering from various types of illnesses and conditions. The Hunt Foundation is providing support to these people through several endeavors. The Hunt Foundation is deeply committed to providing essential aid to Ethiopia and the people suffering from the impact of the civil war. The Foundation’s efforts are multifaceted, aiming to address the immediate and long-term needs of those impacted by the conflict.

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Aiding Displaced Persons in Tigray

Our first area of focus is to support the displaced. The Foundation focuses on delivering critical resources, including medical support and psychological care, to people forced to flee the region. Our goal is not only to provide immediate relief but also to help them regain stability in their lives. We are committed to supporting educational efforts, rebuilding schools, and creating mobile educational options for the tens of thousands of children with no access to education.

Support for the Injured in Tigray

In response to the specific needs of Tigray’s defense forces, we have established a program to aid injured members. Our endeavors include support for a group that provides Stoma bags and conducting vital training for their use. This initiative addresses a significant need for medical resources and care for the injured defense personnel and others, assisting in their recovery and overall health.

Establishing Maternity Waiting Homes

Understanding the unique challenges faced by pregnant women in IDP (internally displaced persons) camps, our Foundation is actively supporting the establishment of maternity waiting homes. These facilities will offer a secure and nurturing environment for expectant mothers, providing access to crucial prenatal, childbirth, and postnatal care services. Through these targeted initiatives, the Hunt Foundation is committed to continuing and enhancing Dr. Asfaw’s vision of compassionate care and support in Ethiopia. We are committed to making a meaningful and enduring impact in the region, supporting those most in need during these challenging times.

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Join The Hunt Foundation and Help Us Build a Better World

Drs. Gabriel and Leonel Hunt are the driving force behind the impactful work of The Hunt Foundation, a beacon of hope and transformation in communities facing medical and educational hardships. Their journey, originating from a deep-seated commitment to extend their expertise as spine and neurosurgeons to broader humanitarian efforts, has been the cornerstone of the Foundation’s ethos. The brothers’ synergy, combining medical acumen with a heart for service, has enabled the Foundation to break new ground in providing essential care and opportunities in underserved regions around the world.

The Hunt Foundation, under the stewardship of the Hunt brothers, has evolved into an organization synonymous with hope, healing, and empowerment. It has pioneered various initiatives, addressing everything from emergency medical needs in conflict zones to laying down the educational groundwork for future generations in impoverished communities. The Foundation’s work, especially in areas like Tigray and through initiatives like the Bethel Children’s Village, reflects the Hunts’ dedication to creating sustainable change. Their leadership has not only shaped the Foundation’s path but has also inspired a broader movement towards compassionate and inclusive global health and education initiatives.

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