The Gabon Project

Dr. Gabriel Hunt and Dr. Leonel Hunt first visited Gabon to provide services to patients at the two hospitals in the country, in conjunction with the African Health Foundation, DePuy Spine, the Johnson & Johnson operating company, and NuVasive, which provided free implants for the surgeries. Drs. Gabriel and Leonel Hunt and eight other medical professionals performed life-saving surgeries at two severely understaffed, underequipped hospitals in Gabon.

The Future of Gabon Medicine and The Hunt Foundation

The situation in Gabon is critical. The country has only one neurosurgeon to treat a population of 2,341,000 million people. The Hunt Foundation team has taken on the task of bringing medical professionals up to date on brain and spine procedures through one-on-one training, experience, and ongoing support. The first journey the Hunt brothers took to Gabon revealed the shocking extent of the lack of medical resources to care for those suffering from brain and spine conditions.

As an example, three of the patients encountered were suffering from very large tumors, but the hospital lacked the equipment needed to remove them. The needs are significant, and the resources are slim. The Hunt Foundation is committed to helping medical professionals in the country gain access to advanced education and training to allow them to care for those in dire need of brain and spine procedures.

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The Hunt Foundation and You

Dr. Gabriel Hunt, neurosurgeon, and Dr. Leonel Hunt, orthopedic spine surgeon, are accomplished, successful Los Angeles-based specialists. While their hard-earned skills have brought them acclaim and success, they have never lost their underlying purpose: To make the world a better place and achieve “something big.” The Hunt Foundation was established to make a real difference in world health and education. Many countries lack the resources to deliver advanced surgeries or to provide educational opportunities for children. The Hunt Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) entity established to address these needs. We invite individuals and organizations of all types to participate in the Hunt Foundation initiatives, which are currently in Gabon and Ethiopia. The Foundation is actively seeking volunteers to assist in our efforts, along with donations to fund the programs to support children and doctors in these countries.

About Our Founders

The Hunt Foundation was born out of Dr. Leonel Hunt and Dr. Gabriel Hunt’s vision: to make a difference in global healthcare and education. Initiated by the shared vision of these two accomplished surgeons, the Foundation has grown into a formidable force for good, reaching out to the underserved and overlooked corners of the world. Their medical background in advanced spine and neurological surgery has been instrumental in shaping the Foundation’s approach to providing not just aid but also sustainable solutions to health and educational disparities.

As the Foundation has matured, it has adapted and expanded its reach. Under the guidance of the Hunt brothers, the Foundation has crafted initiatives that range from life-saving medical interventions in areas ravaged by conflict to empowering educational programs in impoverished communities. Signature projects, such as the support of maternity waiting homes and the educational upliftment in Tigray, reflect the Foundation’s commitment to global healthcare equity. The journey of the Hunt Foundation is a narrative of compassion, innovation, and resilience, driven by the Hunts’ unwavering commitment to enrich and uplift lives across the globe.

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Align with our mission to create lasting change. Your involvement can power our global initiatives, bringing hope and progress to communities in need.

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