The Lost Children of Tigray

The conflict in Tigray has had a profound impact on the lives of children, severely affecting their access to education. Many schools have been damaged or closed, and countless children and their families have been displaced, leading to a significant education crisis. The Hunt Foundation’s initiative aims to mitigate these effects by providing immediate and practical educational support to these vulnerable children.

The Hunt Foundation’s Efforts to Support Children’s Educational Needs

  • Rebuilding and repairing schools: We are committed to restoring damaged educational infrastructure, ensuring that children have a safe and conducive environment for learning.
  • Providing educational materials: The initiative focuses on supplying essential learning materials such as textbooks, stationery, and educational technology to displaced and affected students.
  • Supporting teachers and staff: Recognizing the importance of skilled educators, we provide training and resources to teachers, enabling them to effectively address the unique challenges faced by their students in challenging times.
  • Developing mobile educational systems: Many displaced children have not had access to any schooling during and after the conflict. We are focusing on developing new approaches that will allow mobile educational units to serve these children.
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Can you help?

Your involvement is critical in bringing education back to the children of Tigray:

  • Donate: Financial contributions are vital for rebuilding schools, purchasing materials, and supporting educational staff.
  • Advocacy: Help us raise awareness about the educational crisis for the children in the Tigray region by sharing information with your network.
  • Volunteering: If you have expertise in education or construction, consider volunteering your time and skills.

Join Our Mission

By supporting the “Tigray Education Emergency Response for Children,” you are helping to secure the future of countless children whose education has been jeopardized by conflict.

Your donation can light the path to learning and opportunity for the children of Tigray. Together, we can overcome the challenges and ensure that every child has the chance to learn, grow, and thrive.

The Hunt Foundation and Your Donation

The Hunt Foundation, founded by Drs. Gabriel and Leonel Hunt focus on a range of humanitarian efforts, particularly in the field of education. Their commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by adversity is reflected in the Tigray Education Emergency Response program. This initiative is a testament to the Foundation’s dedication to not only providing immediate relief but also fostering long-term educational development in crisis-stricken regions.

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Education: A Pillar of the Hunt Foundation’s Efforts

Founded with the ethos of extending a helping hand to underserved communities globally, the Hunt Foundation has always prioritized education as a critical pillar of its mission. The Tigray Education Emergency Response program addresses the disruption of the education of countless children. Understanding the critical role education plays in shaping futures, the Hunt brothers initiated this program to rebuild and equip schools, supply essential learning materials, and support the training of educators in the region.

This initiative aligns with the Foundation’s history of impactful interventions in challenging environments. It highlights their approach of not just addressing immediate needs but also investing in the future of communities through education. The program in Tigray reflects the Hunt Foundation’s enduring commitment to empowering through knowledge. Their work continues to break new ground, changing lives and offering hope where it’s needed most.

Make a Donation

Align with our mission to create lasting change. Your involvement can power our global initiatives, bringing hope and progress to communities in need.

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