Comprehensive Care for the Children of Ethiopia

At Bethel Children’s Village, the children are cared for with warmth and genuine human compassion.

  • Education: The children are educated in standardized classrooms equipped with books and teaching materials. The children, starting their education from the first grade, have progressed to the fifth-grade level with a solid educational foundation.
  • Shelter and nutrition: Bethel Children’s Village boasts child-friendly, well-furnished dormitories for both girls and boys. The facility is engaged in cereal, vegetable, and animal farming, which not only minimizes expenses but also guarantees that the children have access to fresh, nutritious food. The children are actively involved in learning farming and animal care skills.
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Addressing a National Crisis

Ethiopia has one of the world’s largest orphan populations, with many children orphaned by AIDS being homeless, suffering from food insecurity, lack of education, and no emotional support. Bethel Children’s Village is a haven for these children, providing them with the nurturing, education, and care they desperately need.

Your Role in Making a Difference

Join us in our mission at Bethel Children’s Village. Your involvement can transform the lives of these deserving children.

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What a Contribution Can Do for the Children

Your Contributions Can Help Us in Several Critical Areas:

  • Construction
  • Expansion of classrooms.
  • Building a guesthouse.
  • Constructing a poultry house (50 meters) and a fattening house with fencing (200 sq. meters).
  • Installing drip irrigation.
  • Establishing a Child Improvement Center.

Orphanage Operations

  • Welcoming 50 more orphans.
  • Providing books and educational materials, including computers.
  • Supplying school and day clothes, nightwear, and shoes.
  • Ensuring adequate food and healthcare.
  • Offering recreational items.

Income Generating Activities

  • Purchasing and raising chickens and cattle to sell to the community.

Fixed Assets

  • Furnishing the Village.
  • Procuring dairy and vegetable farm tools and materials.

Your support can pave the way for a brighter future for these orphaned children. Together, we can empower children to overcome their challenges and flourish as productive members of society. Join us today in nurturing hope and building opportunities at Bethel Children’s Village. We invite you to participate in the worthy endeavor to serve innocent children who are facing a challenging future and, with your donation, have the opportunity to live happy, productive lives.

The Hunt Foundation Story

The Hunt Foundation, founded by Dr. Gabriel Hunt and Dr. Leonel Hunt, reflects a deep commitment to humanitarian service and a shared vision for global health and educational equity. Their shared passion for aiding underserved communities led them to establish an organization focused on addressing critical health and educational needs in some of the world’s most vulnerable areas. As respected spine and neurosurgery doctors, the Hunts brought both medical expertise and a compassionate approach to the forefront of the Foundation’s mission. Over the years, the Foundation has evolved, mirroring the dynamic challenges of global health and education.

Under the Hunts’ leadership, it has initiated a range of programs, from conducting medical missions in conflict-affected regions to establishing educational initiatives for underprivileged children. The Foundation’s efforts, particularly in areas like Tigray, and its support for initiatives like Bethel Children’s Village reflect a deep-seated commitment to providing comprehensive care and opportunities for those in need. The legacy of the Hunt Foundation, fueled by the vision and dedication of its founders, brings positive changes to communities around the globe.

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Align with our mission to create lasting change. Your involvement can power our global initiatives, bringing hope and progress to communities in need.

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