Reflecting on 2014


Approaching the end of the year, it’s always good to reflect. Why, you ask? At times, it might seem like you’re making no progress, maybe even regressing, but when you put things in perspective by reflecting, you see that you’ve come further than you even realized.

In 2014, we did just that. In addition to two 40 ft. containers filled with medical supplies, with your help we also managed to remodel a central processing and sterilization center for Bethel. These are no small undertakings! And it doesn’t just stop there; together we’ve also been able to start construction on new facilities at Bethel Medical College and Bethel Orphanage Center.

Completing construction on these facilities requires time, effort, and of course, capital- which is why we’re grateful for you! You’ve supported this mission both with your encouragement and your financial contributions. In 2015, we’ll need your continued help to not only finish construction at Bethel Medical College and Bethel Orphanage Center, but also complete construction on a new Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Room, and operating rooms at Bethel.

For us, Bethel is one of the first of many ways we plan to leave our imprint on this world. 2014 hasn’t been easy. There has been the ongoing ebola crisis, uncertainty and distrust with the state of healthcare in the United States, and other national and global healthcare issues. Yet, we keep on hoping and we hope that you’ll join us in that process as we enter the new year.

Happy New Year’s and we look forward to great things in 2015!!